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 Bringing Latin America and the world a little closer 
to you!

Teresa Arellano Sanchez, CTC, DS

Committed to working as your partner to help you realize your travel dreams.

Born in Ecuador, South America, owner Teresa Arellano Sanchez spent time living and working in Ecuador and Mexico before retuning to Chicago and establishing herself as a specialist in selling Latin America with a local Agency for the last 20 years.Traveling to new corners of the world and a passion to discover hidden gems is what has motivated her to continue to work in the travel industry all these years, that and the opportunity to help make someone's special travel dream come true. Emerging new destinations can be confusing and you need an expert to help you navigate through all the elements and put together the perfect trip for you.

We can assist you with all of your travel needs to this part of the world. Latin America offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in different cultures and customs. Visit colorful markets; make new friends as well as take that trip you have thought about since you were 6 years old and made that special list of special places that you wanted to travel to one day. 

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Where else can you step in  two hemispheres at once? At the Equatorial line in the Mitad del Mundo Monument, Quito Ecuador.