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 Bringing Latin America and the world a little closer 
to you!
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Your journey to Central & South America and the world is about to begin!

ARTESAN Travel Consultants, Inc. was established to offer travelers a deeper insight and a more vibrant travel experience not found with other travel Companies or in most guide books. Dedicating ourselves to offering customized  travel vacations  for individuals and groups, to destinations such as Spain, Mexico and Latin America. With more than 30 years of extensive first-hand travel and destination experience throughout Central & South America and beyond

Everyone has a unique idea of what a special trip should be. This is the reason we do not offer pre-packaged itineraries, which limit travelers to specific departures dates and destinations.Set itineraries do not offer flexibility for changes,options or the ability to make the trip your very own. Our many years of experience in arranging the perfect itinerary with individual attention focused on your particular needs and your special interests is what sets us apart. 

Visit ancient ruins, the Mighty Amazonglaciers, modern and colonial cities,vineyards or mysterious jungles. 
Contact one of our dedicated travel Consultants to begin your journey.

 Specialist in travel to Latin America and beyond since 1982. 
ARTESAN TRAVEL CONSULTANTS, INC. ® , Chicago, IL 60659 (773) 294-0009 info@artesantravel.com​

Whether it is a pre or post cruise tour in Rio de Janiero, Buenos Aires, Lima, Santiago, Valparaiso, a honeymoon or adventure trip to any of these and other destinations in Central and South America, it will be one you will not soon forget! 
City of Machu Picchu with Huayna Picchu in background.
Courtyard of Boutique Hotel Patio Andaluz, Quito Ecuador.
Strolling down Calle Florida in Buenos Aires, Argentina.